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Buttimer produces DOCKSOLID bulk port equipment – bespoke engineered ship unloading hoppers and shiploaders, designed to meet the requirements and bulk products, of our clients. DOCKSOLID equipment's three core features are: State-of-the-art environmental controls, flexibility of use & manoeuvrability, and well-engineered structural design for strength and longevity; condensed in the slogan: Clean. Flexible. Robust.

Buttimer is a diversified mechanical engineering company, with specialist expertise in materials handling systems and equipment for bulk terminals. In addition to the DOCKSOLID equipment range, the company provides consultancy, design and process engineering services for dry bulk terminals. Buttimer has provided a number of turnkey bulk facilities – including ship loading and unloading, storage and multi-modal transport integration – for commodities like grains, biomass, coal, ores and others.

Whether you’re looking for equipment, design services or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mobile Iron Ore Shiploader

Buttimer designed an innovative all-wheel-drive chassis system for a bulk iron ore shiploader, created for ArcelorMittal in partnership with Telestack Ltd. The patented wheel system allows this mobile shiploading conveyor to drive in straight,...

DOCKSOLID Mobile Loading Hoppers

Buttimer’s DOCKSOLID mobile loading Hoppers are state-of-the-art units for loading grains, coal, biomass, iron ore or other dry bulk commodities from grab to truck, wagon or conveyor. DOCKSOLID mobile hoppers are: Clean– Coming with...

DOCKSOLID Rail-Mounted Loading Hoppers

Buttimer’s DOCKSOLID rail-mounted loading hoppers are designed for loading grains, coal, biomass, iron ore or other dry bulk commodities from grab to truck, wagon or conveyor. Clean– Coming with state-of-the-art environmental controls,...

DOCKSOLID Static Loading Hoppers

Buttimer’s DOCKSOLID static loading hoppers are designed for loading bulk commodities such as grains, coal, biomass and iron ore. Clean–  State-of-the-art environmental controls, dust prevention and suppression techniques and...

Engineering Services for Materials Handling at Bulk Terminals

Buttimer Bulk Engineering is the Group’s international project division, offering engineering, design, procurement and consulting services to bulk terminal design, development, construction and upgrading projects around the world. Buttimer...

Buttimer Engineering is a diversified mechanical engineering company, which specialises in bulk materials handling systems and high-quality steel fabrication. The company operates across a range of industries, providing design, fabrication, procurement, installation, maintenance, project management and engineering services. From its headquarters in Tipperary, Ireland, Buttimer serves clients in Ireland, the UK and Poland. The company is increasingly offering design and engineering expertise to projects internationally, and launched DOCKSOLID, its own bulk port equipment brand, in 2014.

E. Buttimer & Company was founded in 1978 by Mr Edward Buttimer, who had previously worked for Dairygold and M.F. Kent in the Irish agricultural sector. The company originally served the Irish dairy industry before broadening its capabilities into the wider agri-industry, mining, pharmaceuticals, power generation and infrastructure sectors. Eddie Buttimer established his company in the town of Cahir, Co. Tipperary and the headquarters of Buttimer Engineering remains in this small but geographically central location - which allows the firm good accessibility to much of the island of Ireland.

Buttimer Engineering has grown into an international mechanical engineering company; while it serves an array of industries the company's core competences have remained the same: an expertise in the mechanical handling of bulk products, and fabrication of high-quality steel structures and equipment. Buttimer opened its first international subsidiary - Buttimer Polska Sp. z o.o. -  in Warsaw, Poland in 2005 and has grown a significant and profitable independent business serving the grains, seeds and port industries in that market. Buttimer Engineering has also completed projects for clients in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia; the company is increasingly offering its expertise and services to projects outside its domestic markets of Ireland, the UK and Poland.

Today the Owner & Managing Director is Fergal Buttimer, Eddie's son, who took charge of the company after Eddie's retirement in 2012. Buttimer Engineering have built a strong reputation over four decades for high-quality solutions and strong customer relationships. A significant majority of the company's projects each year come from repeat clients. Buttimer aims to work with clients to always deliver the right solution: our success is built on the success of our customers.

Buttimer has been producing ship unloading and port solutions for more than two decades, and in 2014 it launched a bulk port handling equipment brand. DOCKSOLID Bulk Port Equipment is a range of mechanical handling solutions for port terminals handling grains, coal, minerals, cement, fertilizers, powders or other dry bulk commodities. The brand includes extremely robust and reliable ship unloading systems, with a focus on flexibility of use and highly manoeuvrable mobile equipment. DOCKSOLID port equipment is designed and fabricated by Buttimer Engineering for bulk ports, logistics hubs and industrial facilities to handle dry bulk commodities ranging from grains and foodstuffs to minerals, coal, ores, biomass, woodchip, oilseeds and much more besides.

Clients include:

Associated British Ports (ABP) – Port of Gdynia – Port of Cork – Bunge Poland – Dublin Port – Arcelor Mittal – Port of Foynes

The DOCKSOLID brand stands for well-engineered, reliable equipment with three core attributes: State-of-the-art environmental controls, flexibility of use & very effective manoeuvrability, along with well-engineered structural design and high-quality steel for strength and longevity.

Engineering Services for Materials Handling at Bulk Terminals

The mechanical handling of dry bulk commodities requires careful attention to efficiency, throughput capacities, energy consumption, dust control, equipment maintenance and safety. In short, a well-engineered process.

Drewry: Dry Bulk Shipping Recovery

  09 Feb 2017

With contraction in vessel supply and healthy demand growth, the dry bulk shipping market is expected to recover from 2017 onwards, according to the latest edition of the Dry Bulk Forecaster, published by global shipping consultancy Drewry.

PTI video series off to flying start

  20 Jun 2014

PTl’s new video series is a big hit with its followers with the first interview released becoming the most popular item across the site

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  19 Jun 2014

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ABP orders next generation Buttimer hoppers

  16 May 2014

The hoppers, valued in excess of €1million each, are part of Buttimer’s DOCKSOLID bulk port equipment brand, launched to coincide with the order.

The Best New Technology in Unloading Hoppers

Docksolid Bulk Port Equipment is a range of mechanical handling solutions for port terminals handling grains, coal, minerals, cement, fertilisers, powders or other dry bulk commodities. The brand includes extremely robust and reliable ship unloading systems, with a focus on flexibility of use and highly manoeuvrable mobile equipment.

Unloading Bulk Commodities

Bulk cargo by its nature contains variable particle sizes. From coal or grains, to iron ore or chemical powders, particle sizes range upwards of 50mm diameter right down to 0.001mm and smaller

The Future of Dry Bulk Handling

This article looks at Buttimer's principle of 'fit-for-purpose' mechanical bulk handling. Bulk terminals now rely on more equipment to handle more products but the increasing use of automation and sophisticated technology has not minimised risks associated with mechanical bulk handling. Buttimer's fit-for-purpose principle aims to consistently use the appropriate solution for handling bulk cargo in order to get the job done right repeatedly

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