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Bromma is the industry's most experienced spreader manufacturer, known worldwide for crane spreaders of exceptional reliability.

In all, more than 14,000 crane spreaders and rotators have been put into service since the 1960's.  More than 9,000 of these are in operation today around the globe. Bromma has delivered spreaders to more than 500 terminals in over 90 countries in 6 continents. Today, Bromma manufactures close to 2,000 spreaders of all types per year. In fact, anywhere you go, if you work where containers are transported, you're likely to see a Bromma spreader in action.

Bromma is the technical leader in our industry, having developed the first telescopic spreader, the first twin-twenty spreader, the first 45 foot spreader, and the first all-electric spreader line. Bromma's testing, manufacturing, and service systems are also first-rate. Our finite element modeling software allow us to study, model and analyze stresses within the spreader so we know how it is going to handle accumulated fatigue - how it is going to hold up under year-after-year of punishing service. Likewise, prior to delivery, every spreader undergoes extensive testing of functions such as twistlocks, flipper arms and telescopic movements.

With our extensive network of offices and partners around the world, no one supports spreaders like Bromma. Bromma's total quality management program has resulted in Bromma factory being awarded ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO3834 certification - the first spreader manufacturer to be so recognized. Cutting edge technology is only one reason why customers choose Bromma.

Just as important as our technical leadership is our philosophy of standing behind our products. Bromma is a company that customers can rely on.

Crane Spreader Manufacturer for Terminals


STS45 is a hydraulic separating twin-lift spreader for use in ship-to-shore cranes. The STS45 spreader is the industry standard for ship-to-shore container handling and it is one of the markets most versatile and flexible spreader.


STS45 is an all-electric separating twin-lift spreader for use in ship-to-shore cranes. Bromma has been able to make the STS45E lighter through more intelligent design. Mechanical functions that perform the separating twin motion have...


STS45LW ship-to-shore spreader is a light-weight separating twin-lift spreader, ideal for use on cranes that are rated to lift less weight. STS45LW weighs only about 10.5 metric tons, which is about 2.2 metric tons less than a traditional...


YSX45E is an all-electric telescopic mid-range yard crane spreader, calculated for two million cycles and perfectly suitable for use in ASC applications. With fewer service points, lower weight and absence of hydraulics, this spreader features...


YSX45 and YSX40 are hydraulic single-lift heavy-duty yard crane spreaders calculated for 2 million cycles. The spreader is designed in accordance with EN13001. As all Bromma spreaders YSX45 is made from European high quality steel which...


EH5U is a single lift mobile harbour crane spreader designed in close cooperation with major crane manufacturers and operators. Bromma offers two versions of the EH5U, one regular and one with increased SWL. With a frame design box...


For terminals seeking higher productivity from each lift, Bromma offers a twin-lift mobile harbor crane spreader, EH170U (capable of handling two 20 foot containers). The EH170U spreader is a hydraulic spreader with high lifting capacity combined...

Tandem E³

The Bromma Tandem E³ spreader offers great capacity and flexibility. Low spreader weight is combined with the ability to lift different combinations of 40 or 45 foot containers or single 40 and 45 foot containers. The Tandem E³...

Tandem Quattro

Tandem Quattro offers a high capacity and flexibility, including the ability to handle four 20 foot containers at a time – two 20 foot containers under each spreader – but at a low spreader weight. The Tandem Quattro spreader also...


Bromma offers two rotators, one for yard operation and one for STS- and MHC use. The MRX100 is one of the market’s most versatile and flexible rotators. It is ideal for use on mobile and jib cranes where the wire spacing is approximately...


OSR45 is an automatic telescopic 20 to 45 foot overheight frame to be used to-together with different Bromma or OEM parent spreaders – fixed 20 foot frame or telescopic – in crane, reachstacker or straddle carrier for safer and faster...


The right spreader information helps you make the right decisions. SCS4 makes crucial decision-making information available to operations managers. Statistics and operational data that can be analyzed to continuously improve terminal productivity...


ALP is a solution for automated handling of twistlocks, it is mobile and can be placed flexibly in the portal area under the gantry crane. The solution increases the efficiency in Straddle Carrier, Auto Straddle carrier and Truck/Trailer...

Load Sensing

The Bromma Container Weighing system weighs containers with high accuracy as part of the normal lifting cycle. The application can weigh individual containers when lifted, even in twin-mode. The system and weighing process will have no effect...

Green Zone

Green Zone™ is a suite of terminal productivity tools designed to keep spreader operations in a green zone of higher performance. Applications that help you prioritize maintenance operations and detect, understand, and resolve potential...

At Bromma, innovation is a tradition, the product of a value-driven engineering culture. At Bromma R&D in Stockholm, the goals are clearly defined: higher productivity (higher container moves per hour), greater reliability (lower downtime), simple, service- friendly design, ease-of-use in operation and diagnostics, environmental leadership, and safety.

The Bromma brand carries a proud Swedish heritage. And the spirit of Swedish engineering and entrepreneurial excellence remains strong in our company. A spirit shaped by the successful Swedish industrial tradition that emerged in the 1950s and 60s – which gave the small country international credibility and which resounds worldwide to this day.

The term Swedish quality was coined and became a quality assurance of products deriving from Sweden. Many brands of Swedish origin have over the years taken leadership positions in various industrial segments, including the automotive, power and technology, and pharmaceutical industry.

Bromma has been at the forefront of this industrial tradition for more than 50 years, and will continue to carry its industrial heritage into the future –ensuring quality, reliability and service-mindedness to customers around the world.

Crane Spreader Manufacturer for Terminals  Crane Spreader Manufacturer for Terminals

All Is Well 2016

A brief introduction to Bromma, its innovative spreader solutions and after sales offerings.

Bromma Yard Automation

Bromma delivered the spreaders to the world’s first yard crane automation projects in the 1990s, and have since continued to lead the way in automation friendly spreaders and software.

US Transportation Leader Invests in Automation

  03 Jan 2019

Kalmar, a part of Cargotec Corporation, has agreed to supply Norfolk Southern with four Kalmar SmartPower rubber-tyred gantry cranes

Bromma Posts Strong Order Intake for 1H 2018

  17 Aug 2018

Bromma has announced that both its sale and order intake grew in the first half of 2018, compared to same period of 2017

Bromma Appoints New VP of Research and Development

  09 Jul 2018

Johan Bergman has been appointed Vice President of R&D for Bromma, and will be responsible for global activities from the Bromma office in Stockholm, Sweden

Innovative Crane Training Simulators for Maritime University

  02 Mar 2018

Two Portable Crane Simulators have been ordered by the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) in the Philippines to train student operators in the LPU Maritime Training Center.

Bromma Partners with World-Leading University

  29 Jan 2018

Spreader manufacturer Bromma has positioned one of its experts at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology technical university in Stockholm, Sweden

Bromma Reveals Weaknesses in Port Replacement Parts

  16 Jan 2018

Bromma, a crane spreader specialist, has released findings that show a significant difference in the durability of port equipment on the market

Super Post-Panamax Cranes en Route to APMT Tangier

  12 Jan 2018

Three fully-automated ship-to-shore (STS) cranes are set to reach the new APM Terminals MedPort Tangier, Morocco terminal on February 15, 2018, as part of an upgrade to give it an annual container throughput capacity of five million TEU by 2019.

Noatum Terminal Invests in Rail-Mounted Gantry Cranes

  23 Nov 2017

Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao in Spain has ordered two rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) from Kalmar, part of Cargotec

Kalmar Hires New SVP for Global Terminal Operators

  07 Nov 2017

Kalmar Business Area, part of Cargotec, has appointed Guenter Schmidmeir as Senior Vice President, Global Terminal Operators

Thailand Terminal Orders Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes

  04 Oct 2017

New Kalmar SmartPower Rubber-Tyred Gantry (RTG) Cranes will serve BMT Pacific's solely owned river terminal in Chao Phraya River

Update: Container Weight Verification: Opportunities and Challenges

The process within the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to implement the mandatory verification of a container weight before it is loaded on to a vessel is progressing as expected. In a May 2014 meeting, the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) approved draft amendments to SOLAS (the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea) chapter VI to require the mandatory verification of the gross mass of...

Method, Risk and Regulation: A Container Weighing Insight

This article will elaborate on one of the things that risks being unforeseen by the regulatory authorities when defining the accuracy requirements: the difference between “equipment accuracy” and accuracy of the actual container weight. It will also look at some of the characteristics of the two main equipment options available to weigh the container in the terminal to establish the VGM. What are the benefits...

Container Weighing eBook

PTI has released a new eBook with four exclusive papers that explore the container weighing issue from an operational, logistical, practical and legal perspective

Container weight verification: opportunities and challenges

A technical paper looking at the progress of the IMO's regulation to verify the weight of containers before they are loaded onto ships. Under SOLAS - the regulation that requires madatory verification of container weight - there are two methods shippers can follow: verification of container weight after loading and sealing, or weighing all packages and cotnainers. Weigh bridges are an option or twist-lock sensors,...

Finding the best solution for container weight verification

The general consensus has grown that universal container weight verification is a worthy standard, the key question has quickly begun to shift from whether we should we have a universal requirement to how we can best implement this commitment. Lars Meurling, vice-president and marketing director at Bromma, discusses the three general approaches that might be possible.

Cost-effective and operationally efficient environmentally advanced spreaders

Container terminals today face many challenges – among them managing higher power consumption costs and the requirement to achieve ‘greener’ operations. Terminal congestion, noise abatement concerns, ship emissions and container handling equipment emissions are all factors in the frequent environmental permit delays that have slowed many terminal expansion projects.

Striving for best practice throughout the ports industry

PEMA provides a forum and a public voice for the global port equipment sector, reflecting the industry’s critical role in enabling safe, secure, sustainable and productive ports; and thereby actively supporting international maritime trade.

Toward a new green spec for crane spreaders

In recent years, considerable attention has been directed toward the development of “green practices” at container terminals. Clean ports initiatives spearheaded by government agencies, as well as voluntary industry efforts, such as those promoted by the EcoPorts Foundation, have led to a wide range of serious and innovative environmental initiatives. While it is true the container handling industry has a long way to go, it...

Standardised electronic interfaces for spreaders

Container-handling machines (e.g. ship-to-shore cranes, mobile harbour cranes, straddle carriers, rail mounted gantry cranes and rubber-tyred gantry cranes) are an important business in the increasing market of logistics and transportation. These machines and their spreaders have to exchange command and status information. In the past, the manufacturers bilaterally agreed upon the interface between the crane and spreader, so it was not possible to use a...


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