Maintenance and 24-hour Service by Bemo Rail BV | Rail and Shunting Technology

Maintenance and 24-hour Service
by Bemo Rail BV | Rail and Shunting Technology


Our service department contains a section for periodic maintenance of shunting locomotives, shunting systems and lorries. For a large and increasing number of customers in the Netherlands but also abroad, Bemo Rail takes care of the periodic maintenance, the service and the repair of shunting locomotives, train-shunting systems, railcars and traversers. This is entirely irrespective of make.

Maintenance, service and repair can be offered in the most flexible form: from call off contract, to total or saving contract. With or without the availability of our 24-hour service. Also control of a strategic components stock is among the possibilities.

Bemo Rail’s experienced service staff are well trained in all aspects of the job. They are also well-trained engine drivers and master the specific skills for e.g. brake technology and working with radioloc. In addition to this they can avail themselves of all modern auxiliaries and adequately equipped service trucks. All maintenance information and history are centrally controlled and are available online for the service staff. Of course they are supported by a very experienced team of planners and technicians. The system anticipates on trends detected via the maintenance history. This is the basis for further optimization of the maintenance of the installation. The reliability, availability and maintainability of safely operating installations are measurable and determine the result.

The most modern maintenance technologies are utilized and current environmental and health and safety regulations observed. Of course also the company’s code and safety regulations are always observed.

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