Welding and Grinding by Bemo Rail BV | Rail and Shunting Technology

Welding and Grinding
by Bemo Rail BV | Rail and Shunting Technology


Bemo Rail is specialized in rail welding. Nowadays virtually all rail is welded. As a result there are no more joints and the rail will not shift anymore. Also wear and consequently rail and wheel repair will decrease.

Rail can be welded in 3 ways:
-           Puddle arc welding.
-           Thermite welding.
-           Electric flash butt welding.

Bemo Rail welds in accordance with the ISO-3834 standard. The ISO-3834 standard is the standard for quality guarantee and quality control for welding. This standard consists of 3 different levels. Since June 1, 2005, Bemo Rail has been certified for the most elaborate level: ISO 3834-2. The certification means that we weld in accordance with certified procedures and with certified technicians. This means quality guarantee for your product.

Bemo Rail can measure the possibilities for a crane track in various ways. Checking the admissible tolerances for your crane track is done by means of measuring. We check your welds by means of NDR; Non-Destructive Research. This is divided into ultrasonic and magnetic research.

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