Bemo Rail BV | Rail and Shunting Technology

Bemo Rail BV | Rail and Shunting Technology

Started in 1970 as a trading company, Bemo Rail decided – after much demand from the market – to develop its own shunting installations in 1984. Six years later the production activities were expanded with the assembly of crane tracks. Since then Bemo Rail consists of two departments: Rail Technology and Shunting Technology.

In 2006 we moved to a new and larger premises in Warmenhuizen, just above Amsterdam. The combination of a modern office, a logistically well-equipped production facility and high educated employees makes it possible to execute our products and services qualitatively, efficiently and quickly, with a good price/quality ratio.

Our vision

- Render durable and customer-specific services by professional and multi-purpose teams.
- Remain prominent in the market for rail constructions worldwide.
- Remain involved in the initial stage of projects, which results in qualitative, price-conscious and practical solutions.
- Become market leader for shunting systems and shunting locomotives, with functionality optimally related to price.
- Be distinctive in upgrading and modernizing existing locomotives.
- Using durable materials and methods is embraced as a principle by Bemo Rail.

Due to the growing demand from the Far East we decided to open an office in Singapore in 2013, named Bemo MMP Rail Systems Pte. Ltd. Nowadays our organization is more than ever able to work flexible, quickly and completely fulfilling our customers’ wishes all over the world!

Crane Track on Concrete – Continuously Supported

RAIL TECHNOLOGY Concrete A continuously supported crane track is characterized by rail mounted on a continuous steel sole plate with continuous grouting, either or not mounted in a concrete recess. This rail system is particularly well suited...

Crane Track on Concrete – Discontinuously Supported

Concrete A discontinuously supported crane track is characterized by rail – either or not mounted in a concrete recess – on steel support plates or rail chairs, with a centre-to-centre distance of ca. 500 – 1000 mm. Each support...

Crane Track on a Steel Girder

Steel Characteristic for a crane track on a steel girder is the rail often being fastened onto profile steel, with adjustable clips and either or not with elastic pad. With such constructions mostly weldable clips are used. These clips can mostly...

Crane Track on Concrete Sleepers

Ballast Bemo Rail has its own concrete sleeper for crane-rail constructions with heavy wheel loads. The rail is mounted onto a sleeper with a strong spring clip and an elastic sole plate. The sleeper can be installed very precisely in a gravel...

Crane Track on Wooden Sleepers

Ballast Besides the concrete sleepers Bemo Rail uses hardwood sleepers, provided with a support plate and rail-fastening material. These sleepers are installed in the same way as the concrete sleepers. 

Track on Sleepers

Ballast Like crane tracks, industry track can be built on various types of concrete or wooden sleepers. The track rail on the sleepers can be built like railway, tram or metro. 

Special Systems

Many years of experience in rail systems have enabled Bemo Rail to design and supply special custom-made rail systems. Among which earthquake-resistant constructions. The rail in these transfer constructions does not break and consequently remains...

Sole Plates

-Continuous sole plates -Discontinuous sole plates Bemo Rail supplies the standard sole plates and also its own forged ribbed base plates.


-Crane-track sleepers – Concrete -Crane-track sleepers - Wood -Track sleepers – Concrete -Track sleepers – Wood

Elastic Pad

Elastic pad, manufactured from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer, is mounted between the rail foot and the steel sole plate.

Fastening Material

-Anchor bolts -Spring washers -T-headed bolts -Fish plates -Sleeper screws


Bemo Rail supplies high-quality non-shrinkable cement-based grouting mortars. This is applied for the grouting of rail constructions. With the grain structures of 0 -1, 0 - 4 and 0 - 8 heights of 10 to 150 mm can be grouted. The material can...

Recess Filling

With rail constructions in a recess it is often desirable to fill up the spaces between the rail and concrete safely with (frost resistant) material that keeps the recess dirt and water free. The qualities of the rail construction have to be...

Consultancy and Engineering

Services Bemo Rail can advise you on all sorts of crane-rail constructions for industry, production companies and storage and transfer companies. Our engineering department designs custom made from our supply programme, in accordance with international...

Measuring and Inspection

Services Our team of surveyors carries out measuring of existing situations in any field related to crane rail constructions. We carry out measurements for customers from diverse sectors like the concrete industry, the steel branch, shipyards,...


Services Bemo Rail uses large modern CNC drilling and milling machines. Besides we have heavy sawing machines, among which an automatic one. With our adequate equipment we are capable of handling our products, like sole plates, foot-drilled rail,...

Assembly and Supervision

Services Besides supplying complete rail constructions, Bemo Rail assembles these constructions all over the world. All our machines have especially been developed for the assembly of crane tracks. Besides good equipment we employ enthusiastic...

Welding and Grinding

Services Bemo Rail is specialized in rail welding. Nowadays virtually all rail is welded. As a result there are no more joints and the rail will not shift anymore. Also wear and consequently rail and wheel repair will decrease. Rail can be welded...

Maintenance and Repair

Services If your crane track shows subsidence, shifting, rail breaches or other problems, we can solve them. A damaged rail can keep your crane out of service, which has annoying consequences and must be solved. Besides we can also maintain your...

Shunting Locomotives

SHUNTING TECHNOLOGY Shunting locomotives, also called rail shunters, are applied at companies which themselves move wagons on (internal) track. For various customers tailor-made versions consisting of standard components have been designed. With...

BRD and KRD Locomotive

The BRD locomotive is a Bemo Rail design. This safe, modern and user-friendly locomotive can be manufactured in many versions. Basically there are three varieties: the hydrostatically driven locomotive, the hydrodynamically driven variety and...

BRE and KRE Locomotive

Just like the BRD the BRE is also a Bemo Rail design. This shunting locomotive is driven electrically and is provided with energy by means of batteries. The battery has a capacity for at least one full day of operation. Also this locomotive can...

Road-rail Vehicles

Road-rail vehicles are shunting locomotives that can switch between moving on rails and moving on road. This comes in handy when on the company premises there are various tracks and no connections between those tracks. Or when the connection...

Maintenance and 24-hour Service

Services Our service department contains a section for periodic maintenance of shunting locomotives, shunting systems and lorries. For a large and increasing number of customers in the Netherlands but also abroad, Bemo Rail takes care of the...

Overhauling and Modernizing

Services Besides regular maintenance Bemo Rail can also entirely or partially overhaul (major repair) shunting vehicles. There is a strategic stock of components and wearing parts, so that the installations are out of service as shortly as possible....

Crane Rail Consultancy and Engineering

Services For new as well as existing company locations Bemo Rail is capable of offering an A to Z solution for the most efficient rail-related transport system. When production is located in different sections, it is practical to transport semi-finished...

Supplying Components and Spare Parts

Services Bemo Rail has an ample assortment of materials in stock, for both older and new installations. Experience of many years and good contacts with suppliers make it possible to act quickly. The following components are usually available:...

Rail Technology

Bemo Rail supplies crane and rail tracks to industry track and rail systems. And also related products, among which clips and sole plates. Click to download Rail Technology brochure.

Shunting Technology

Bemo Rail supplies locomotives, rail shunters and road-rail vehicles in many custom-specific models. In the Netherlands as well as abroad, we take care of the periodic maintenance and servicing for our customers. Click to download Shunting Technology brochure.

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