Bedeschi | Actual design, Engineering and Manufacturing

Bedeschi | Actual design, Engineering and Manufacturing

BEDESCHI S.p.A.has been established in 1908, more than hundred years ago and since then offers a fully integrated line of products and services widely used in many fields such as bricks, tiles and cement manufacturing, bulk material handling and transport, mining and marine logistics.

Company headquarters are in Limena where the main workshop is located (35.000 m2 on a total area of 70.000 m2), other locations are in Milan, Bergamo, Genoa and US.

All the relevant parts of the equipment are manufactured in house with the highest standards in term of fabrication, assembly and quality control. This guarantees a fully controlled sourcing procedure, product quality, spare parts availability and deepest technical knowledge of the products.

Bedeschi is an organization serving worldwide (more than 90% of sales are outside Italy) many costumers in different industries providing integrated solution through an extensive commercial and technical network being able to provide prompt and immediate solutions to any costumers need.

Milestones in the company expansion are Bedeschi America Inc. (the Florida subsidiary serving the American market), Bedeschi Handling (EPC contractor), CTP Team (working for a better environment with its gas cleaning equipment), ONT Spa, the newest member of the Bedeschi family, (specialist for the bulk material handling and pipe and belt conveyor lines).


Screw Conveyor Shiploader

Traditional with belt conveyor to be installed on the dock for the ship loading from the Handy/Handymax to the bigger Capesize till the Valemax with a capacity of 400.000 dwt for the iron ore transportation. Special shiploader with closed screw...


- Valemax biggest transhipment up to 100,000 tpd operation - Any type of solution for impact for import and barge export


Stationary hoppers or alternatively mobile on rail connected to the grab for the receiving of the bulk material unloaded from the ships. Hoppers are designed with system for the dust’s reduction with pressurized water and with a system...

Blade & Bucket Reclaimer

- Bucket type reclaimer particulary suitable for moist and very sticky material - Bucket volume up to 1000 liters - Capacity over 1000 t/h - Different type of reclaimer like cantilever, portal, semi-portal or bridge for raw materials pre-homogenization....

Bucket Wheels

- Bucket wheels simple or combined for the stacking and reclaiming of raw materials like coal and iron ore. - High production up to 5000 t/h. - Booms up to 60 mt and over

Circular Storages

- Consist of a central column fitted with a rotating stacker and a rotating reclaimer - The plant is designed to obtain a high level of raw material pre-homogenization in limited space.


- Rotors design for sticky materials or design for handle materials with a compressive strength up to  2000 kg/cm2 - Diameters up to 2000 mm - Width up to 3000 mm - Output up to 5000 t/h - Rotors self cleaning by scrapers

Mobile Crushing Unit

Crawler mounted combination of inclined apron feeder and roller crusher Self propelling units by diesel generator and hydraulic motors Hopper’s feeding by payloader

Apron Feeders

- Inclined Feeders - Horizontal Feeders - Width up to 3000 mm - Hinged and curved pans - Perfect pans cleaning by frontal scraper

Belt Conveyor

- Overland steel structure frame of belt conveyors made of welded and bolted shapes, in separate section of maximum length equal to 6 m each, to be fixed at ground or at Your aerial bridge every 3 m, as per the section on the right - Self-supporting...

Pipe Conveyor

The Pipe Conveyor is a modern transport system solving many problems in training, scattering, spillage of materials normally due to the limited angle of inclination associated with conventional conveyor systems.   At loading point, the Pipe...

Bedeschi S.p.A.

Bedeschi S.p.A. designs and manufactures since more than hundred years machinery and plants for bricks and tiles manufaturing, bulk handling and mining equipments. This fully integrated line of products and services is widely utilized in bricks and tiles, cement, mining, logistics and dry bulk cargo handling terminals. The Company is based in Limena with 25.000 m manufacturing facility on a total surface of more than 50.000 m. The actual workforce is about 130 people evenly distributed between office and workshop.

Natural Gas to Rule California’s Ports

  23 Feb 2018

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., a natural gas provider, has entered into an agreement with the US Harbor Trucking Association (HTA) to be the exclusive provider of clean transportation fuels to its member companies operating at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

PEMA AGM: New Appointments and Digitization

  08 Feb 2018

The PEMA AGM was celebrated in Bilbao, Spain, last week between the January 30 and February 1, 2018

Pakistan Eyes Gwadar Port Hub

  07 Apr 2017

Ministers from Malaysia and Pakistan have agreed to form a maritime joint working group

Port Operator to Benefit from Major New Alliance

  05 May 2016

Following the recent announcement confirming the formation of the Ocean shipping alliance, Malaysian port operator Westports Holdings is set to benefit from the new Ocean Alliance

Bedeschi Realises Dream

  29 Oct 2015

One of the largest project cargoes ever to depart from the Port of Venice has left the docks of the Multi Service terminal carrying an iron ore shiploader entirely designed and realised by Bedeschi

Bedeschi supplies shiploader to Puerto Brisa

  04 Aug 2014

Bedeschi has completed the supply of a shiploader and more than 3km of conveyors to Puerto Brisa port in La Guajira, Colombia

Cleveland Cascades commissioned by Bedeschi for Shiploader

  04 Jul 2014

Cleveland Cascades has commissioned its Cascades Shiploader at a terminal in Eilat

Bedeschi agrees multi-million dollar contract to equip new Russian coal export terminal

  10 Feb 2014

Bedeschi Handling, part of Italy’s Bedeschi Group, has signed a multi-million dollar contract to provide port-related equipment for a new coal export terminal in Russia’s Far East.

Bedeschi undertakes Mara vessel conversion project

  14 Dec 2010

Bedeschi Company, specialist supplier of materials handling equipment, has designed a new transhipper for continuous loading of bulk materials into ocean vessels up to capsize in deep water anchorage.

Bedeschi supplies new dry bulk handling equipment to Greek plant

  19 May 2010

CTP Team, part of the Bedeschi Group, commissioned a new bag filter for kiln/raw mill exhaust gas dedusting at Aspropyrgos plant, Greece, owned by the Halyps-Italcementi Group.

Green Bulk Loading and Transportation

It is clear that ports have a responsibility toward their environment and that port governance necessary should take care of effective logistics and operations. While in the past, the environmental safeguard was not an issue; nowadays ports worldwide consider the prevention of pollution a first objective, especially with import/export of dry bulk cargo (coal, grain, iron ore, fertilizer, etcetera). In this case, the risk of...

Bedeschi responds to new challenges PT 2

The telescopic chute is an ideal solution in preventing the common problem of breaking particles, as well as minimising dust generation when loading bulk material. In the Titan case this was totally avoided thanks to the loading operation which consisted of the vessel hatch covers being completely closed, similar to a loading operation effectuated on a closed silo. The design of a telescopic chute ensures...

Bedeschi responds to new challenges

This organisational feature looks at Bedeschi's solutions for improving bulk operations at ports and terminals. Bedeschi has outlined multiple case studies for examining ship loading at ports and solutions for improving customer service. During the shiploading process, a shiploader moves along a quay on a portal travelling device and then receives the bulk material, along the fixed quay gallery belt conveyor, a process in which...

Innovative transhipment systems: The Bedeschi success story

With 100 years experience in the dry bulk sector, the Italian-based firm Bedeschi offers tailored solutions for dry cargo operations globally. Its floating transfer station is an example of one of its innovative solutions, designed specifically to meet the needs of the consumer. This article focuses on transhipment systems, as well as some of Bedechi's other projects that make it an efficient and serious contender...

New developments in offshore dry bulk handling

Since the beginning of the last century Bedeschi has been involved in handling various kinds of dry bulk material for a variety of industries such as cement, brick, clinker, coal, bauxite, iron ore, among others.

Delivering the future today – the Floating Terminal Princesse Chloe

The last decade has seen the evolution of various types of floating terminals. These have been deployed for various usages such as loading, discharging, lighterage, and so on. The most common ones, however, are used for offshore loading of dry bulk cargo – mainly coal.

Feeding global demand: a new Landmark in coal handling

Bulk Logistic Landmark (BLL) is the strategic business alliance of partner companies Bedeschi, Liebherr and Logmarin. BLL aims to profit from the synergies, individual strengths and networks of each of the three partner companies to provide dependable, integrated, cost effective software and hardware, and eco-friendly solutions to the dry-bulk supply chain.

Bridging the gap between the mine and the power station

Indonesia, the world’s largest steam coal exporter, with annual steam coal exports up to the 170 million tons mark, of course benefits from its ideal geographical position close to its principal consumer markets.

Offshore opportunities: evaluating the role of offshore systems in the field of unloading

In 2008 Bedeschi Group is celebrating the first century since its foundation in 1908. The Company has always worked in the field of bulk material handling in various industrial sectors including cement, mining and power plants, as well as port and marine. Herein below lies a short presentation outlining actual case studies in order to demonstrate Bedeschi’s capability to handle different market and project tasks.

Continuous bulk material loading for all types of vessels

Recently, bulk material handling company Bedeschi was asked by Coeclerici Logistics, Italy to install some of its coal industry applications, in particular those applicable to coal conveying systems, to a plant in India.

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Delivering products and services for Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling, Terminal Logistics, Warehousing and Logistics, Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling, Conveyors, Dust Control, Floating Platforms & Offshore Terminals, Loaders/Unloaders, Silos, Domes & Other Storage, Terminal Logistics, Other Loading Equipment , Resource Management, Warehouse Management, Warehousing.

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