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RBS | TOPX-Advance Real Time Graphical System  by RBS   RBS | TOPX-Advance Real Time Graphical System  by RBS image 2

TOPX-Advance by RBS is the only true real-time graphical system in the world. It is quick to learn and easy to use, its system navigation is picture and icon driven, not requiring extensive ‘pull down’ menus like other packages, a feature which is preferred by non-English speaking users.

TOPX-Advance runs on Open Architecture environment. The user is not locked into proprietary hardware or software thus the investment in hardware and software is for today and the future.

One of the features of TOPX-Advance is its real-time, networked data which allows all users on the network to view the same data in real-time, as containers are manipulated on a screen; the changes are displayed instantaneously on all other screens. It also only allows a container to be operated on by one user at a time, displaying messages, to other users if they also try to operate on that container, until the container becomes available.

Real-time sharing of information gives TOPX-Advance unbelievably fast response times and reduces network traffic, this leads to time savings giving the user more time to concentrate on the operation.

Because of real-time sharing of information TOPX-Advance does not upload and download data between clients and servers. This saves the user a vast amount of time during the operation due to the fast response times. This fast response time also reduces frustration which is often experienced when using our competitors’ products, with much slower response times.

TOPX-Advance uses only one instance of the application regardless of the size of the terminal operation. The application is scalable to accommodate future growth due to increased container traffic, new customers, information from new data sources or new business processes, without degrading performance. Another major advantage of the TOPX-Advance architecture is that it is capable of handling higher throughput without significant investment in additional servers.

Another distinguishing feature of TOPX-Advance is that it takes a “unified” view of the containers within the terminal’s domain rather than segregating moves into different silos such as yard moves, vessel moves and truck moves. Taking this unified view enables the built-in optimization engine to automatically calculate optimal container moves after considering the pre-specified rules and other relevant factors such as incoming containers, transshipment containers, planned moves, segregation rules and CHE availability.

TOPX-Advance achieves this unified view by using a “shared memory architecture”. TOPX-Advance runs on a robust UNIX platform and uses a single database for the entire application as opposed to having multiple local data stores. This results in distinct benefits such as:

All functionality contained within TOPX-Advance has access to the central database so that each function is aware of actions occurring within other functions in real time

The Real-time Terminal Operating Systems from RBS has access to all terminal/container information, enabling automated optimization of moves. 

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