APM Terminals and ZPMC strike equipment automation deal

APM Terminals (APMT) and Chinese equipment manufacturer Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company Limited (ZPMC) have entered a strategic alliance on equipment purchasing. The two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will change equipment purchasing from a transactional process to strategic collaboration – with a focus on automation. Signed on 11 October by APMT […]

APM Terminals Pipavav boosts interconnectivity with Dedicated Rail Corridor

APM Terminals (APMT) Pipavav has become the first Indian port to connect to the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) following the completion of an electrified rail yard. Once fully operational in June 2022, the line will help to decongest the saturated road and rail network. The connection to the Western DFC is expected to reduce […]

APM Terminals lays out roadmap for onshore power

One of the world’s largest terminal operators is strategising its future investments for onshore power for its global facilities. Onshore power has been ticketed as one of the key solutions ports and terminals can invest in to reduce their carbon footprint. By plugging into a landside power connection, incoming vessels can reduce emissions, noise, cost, […]

Mumbai offers a ‘playground’ to test emission reduction solutions for APM Terminals

APM Terminals will deploy innovative sustainability solutions at its Mumbai terminal with the view to global implementation following a partnership with Siemens. PTI reported in September that the partnership will deploy solutions at its Gateway Terminals India (GTI) facility in a bid to drive down emissions. GTI Mumbai is one of India’s busiest container terminals, […]

APM Terminals GreenTech

GreenTech 2021: APM Terminals puts spotlight on self-generated electricity

Terminals in countries with poor electrical grid networks may need to self-generate energy to best implement electrification for a more sustainable future within the industry.  This according APM Terminals (APMT) executives Ashely Woods, Global Head of Environmental Impact, and Alexandru Duca, Director and Head of the Modernisation Program, presenting at PTI’s GreenTech event.  When asked if terminals should source electricity externally or produce it by their own means, Woods said, “It’s a balance between or […]