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Gothenburg offers LNG discount
20 hours ago

Port of Gothenburg plans to re-work its port charge, offering a 30% discount for ships that convert to LNG

Tariffs fund multimillion dollar port redevelopment
20 hours ago

Antigua Port Authority has raised tariffs in order to fund a redevelopment expected to cost around of US$200 million

India set for another massive hub
21 hours ago

The small Indian state of Kerala could receive its second ICTT

US Congress to test 100% container scanning
21 hours ago

US Congress has introduced legislation to test the feasibility of 100% container scanning at two US ports

Investment in the millions for Khalifa
22 hours ago

Abu Dhabi Terminals will be spending around US$109 million for Khalifa Port Container Terminal

Great Barrier Reef dumping ignites controversy
22 hours ago

Conservationists in Australia fear a government report does not do enough to protect the Great Barrier Reef

US$447 billion needed for Brazil
4 days ago

Brazil must spend almost US$447.3BN to eliminate transport bottlenecks

Thailand set for multi-million dollar dredge
4 days ago

Thailand Transport Ministry's marine department is allocating US$145 million from the 2015 national budget

Fears amid Chinese port dominance
4 days ago

China is expected to increase its maritime strength by securing port development deals in Sri Lanka

Call for port to ease Manila’s manic congestion
4 days ago

A port has been touted as the panacea to Manila’s well documented congestion issues by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry

PierPass launches ‘Free-Flow’ innovation
5 days ago

PierPass will begin testing a faster way for trucks to pick up containers at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles

Nicaragua Canal build begins with port
5 days ago

Construction work on Nicaragua's China-backed planned canal is set to begin in December with the construction of a port

AAPA announces award winners
5 days ago

Winners have been announced for the American Association of Port Authorities 2014 Environmental Improvement and IT awards

US$256 million for African Ports
5 days ago

US$256 million has been approved to finance infrastructure works in Nigeria and Ethiopia

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